Kentico - Intranet Certification

The intranet competency is designed to help Kentico gold partners highlight their specific expertise in the development of intranet software. In order to receive the Kentico Intranet Solutions competency, Kentico partners are required to demonstrate they are able to make full use of the powerful intranet solutions Kentico has to offer. Seventy Eight digital was able to pass the comprehensive exam with ease and we have now provided multiple intranet solutions that have proved valuable to clients in many different fields.

The key objectives of our intranet solutions:

  • Ease of use for all staff members, and clients regardless of skill set
  • Security ensuring that each client and staff member can only see information that is relevent to them
  • A framework that will accommodate future growth, scalability with 'out of the box' functionality as well as custom collaborative model of document publication and workflows
  • Usability on mobile devices and tablets

At Seventy Eight we've leveraged many of Kentico's built in features which significantly reduce development time while ensuring a high quality feature rich intranet. The core is based off the Kentico Intranet portal template.

Kentico's intranet solution is feature rich

  • We have made extensive use of the following Kentico features:
  • Document Libraries – allows users to edit files directly on the Kentico intranet using WebDAV. Permissions on the document level, workflow and version history all available
  • Project and Task Management – used to keep projects on track, by using estimates, progress indicators and priorities
  • Workgroups – can be used to keep all documentation in one place. Key dates can be added and synchronized to the “team calendar” feature, with added outlook support
  • Roles and permissions – a very useful feature, this gives the option of having personalized “portals” where certain users can access their own documents and features such as blogs and forums
  • Messaging – allowing for powerful collaboration between users
  • Dashboards – clean customizable interfaces that empower the user to show and hide information and features as they choose
  • Repeaters – a flexible and powerful feature. This is conjunction with ASPX transformations has become the favoured way for developers to perform the most common tasks quickly and reliably.
  • Ease of flexibility of programmatic customization
  • Strength and flexible workflow configuration and security configuration
  • Ability to adapt to and incorporate changing technologies