Elevation Pictures



Elevation Pictures is a fresh and innovative entertainment company specializing in theatrical feature film release and home entertainment distribution.

Elevation Pictures commissioned Seventyeight Digital for the design and development of an engaging online platform to promote Elevation Picture’s film offerings – one that is optimized for desktop, tablet and cross-device mobile compatibility.

Key outcomes include:

  • Development of a modern, dynamic, engaging, “on brand” design - one that presents Elevation Pictures as a fresh, exciting, diverse entertainment company.
  • Implementation of a simple and flexible method for adding and maintaining film library assets - one that provides ease of use for non- technical staff, provides for real-time, instantaneous updating of content.
  • Effectively showcasing Elevation Pictures film catalogue and providing a means to promote company and industry news and events.
  • Implementation of SEO best practices to increase exposure and visibility and drive qualified traffic to the site.