Increase your traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a relatively easy and effective way to acquire highly qualified traffic to your website.

In the simplest of terms SEO is the process of making your website content attractive, relevant and visible to search engines like Google. If done properly SEO can ensure that your site appears higher within the search results when users query keywords related to your industry, products and services.

SEO is a continual process of incremental changes, monitoring and adjustment. Keep in mind that search engines base relevance on many on-page, off-page and performance factors - each search engine having its own unique set of algorithms that are constantly changing. As these algorithms change SEO practices must be updated to make sure you're staying ahead of the game.

At Seventyeight Digital we will take a comprehensive approach to SEO in order to effectively drive qualified traffic to your site.

All our websites are constructed based on SEO best practices and include the following key elements:

  • Guidance on strategic keyword selection.
  • Standards compliant Meta tagging and source code.
  • Incorporation of usability and navigation best practices.
  • Properly structured page content, friendly URLs, alt tags, etc.

In addition we offer comprehensive website audit and ongoing analysis services employing a series of objective and subjective measures, manual review and inspection, and third party tools that provide in-depth analysis across multiple criteria including:


First we determine whether major search engines can properly access your website.


Next, we need to determine how many of your website pages are actually being indexed by the search engines.

On-Page Ranking Factors

For each of the key on-page ranking factors, we'll investigate page level characteristics for the site's individual pages as well as domain level characteristics for the entire website. In general, the page level analysis is useful for identifying specific examples of optimization opportunities, and the domain level analysis helps define the level of effort necessary to make site-wide corrections, adjustments and improvements.

Off-Page Ranking Factors

Off-Page elements focus on the ranking factors that are generated by external sources such as engagement through social channels, links to your website from external websites, etc.

Competitive Analysis/Benchmarking

We review your primary competitor websites to determine how your website performs in relation to its competitors from performance, keyword and authoritative perspectives. We then establish a series of baseline metrics to track the effectiveness of ongoing efforts to improve SEO results. Taken collectively these metrics provide a holistic view of how your site compares with the competition in terms of popularity, authority and performance.

Following our analysis we’ll provide you with a comprehensive report that provides a summary of key findings, analytics benchmarks and specific tactical recommendations designed to improve the overall SEO performance of your website. The report is designed to inform effective strategic decision making for the implementation of individual optimization tactics consistent with organizational priorities, objectives and budget constraints.

SEO Technologies We Use