Custom Development

We tailor technology to meet your needs

We combine solid business domain experience, multi-disciplinary digital expertise, and in-depth knowledge of traditional and emerging technologies to develop innovative, trustworthy solutions to achieve your most complicated business concepts and objectives.

We have a proven track record of developing advanced systems with complex business logic dealing with large data stores and transaction loads and continue to push the boundaries with new technologies including cross-mobile phone development frameworks, data visualization technologies, and custom data system interfaces.

Our consultative approach to application development is focused on the effective use of technology, workflows, design and interactive tactics in order to achieve key business objectives. Through collaboration with your team the solution we arrive at will support key user and organizational needs and create a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Work Samples

  • Intel

    Intel Corporation engaged Seventyeight to develop an integrated web presence for Intel‘s AIM Suite – a unique, cutting-edge technology that delivers real-time audience measurement and analytics for marketers, retailers, brands and digital advertising network operators.

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    RTO7 engaged Seventyeight as their technology partner of choice to provide ongoing strategic consulting and to architect and develop key B2B digital platforms including a Stakeholder Intranet and integrated Digital Asset Management System.

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  • Medpanel

    Medpanel retained Seventyeight Digital to develop and implement a custom proprietary Medical Experts Data System (MEDS) designed to provide MedPanel with the ability to acquire, manage, track and communicate with medical experts based on their field of specialty.

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Technologies We Use

nodeJS -for scraping, proxying, content transformations, and real-time functions
ASP.NET - for custom applications, backend integration, data-driven websites
mongoDB - for scalable data, performance tuned requirements, specialized storage needs
SQL Server - for enterprise, relational, transactional data solutions
PHP - for open source stacks, fast implementations, low initial cost threshold

jQuery - for open source stacks, fast implementations, low initial cost threshold

Bootstrap - front-end development framework for mobile first responsive websites

MySQL - front-end development framework for mobile first responsive websites