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We’re all about creating exceptional user experiences and that's why all of our solutions are conceived with the end user in mind. We consider who is going to be using your site (user segmentation), why they are using it and how they might interact with it - both today and in the future. A strong understanding of design fundamentals, accessibility, web standards and usability are critical not only to a project's immediate success, but to future growth, scalability and multi-device compatibility.

At Seventyeight Digital we take a research-based approach to User Experience Design (UX) – understanding the audience(s) demographics and user behaviour patterns in order to design an interface that will effectively serve their specific needs. This approach includes the following phases:

Preplanning – This is where we establish your organizations goals, identify your target audience(s), define each user groups characteristics and back up your user definition with statistical evidence.

Exploration – We then take what we learned in the preplanning phase and apply it to the development of clearly defined user journeys - starting with simple drawings and sketches and eventually developing fully descriptive wireframes that define how information will be organized and help to fully envision the solution’s interaction processes.

Interactive Design – Informed by the resulting wireframes our design team will then guide you through a full creative process that begins with the creation of custom design concepts followed by a series of revision cycles based on your feedback in order to arrive at a final interface design. Design checkpoints are integrated throughout the subsequent development cycle to ensure design integrity is maintained through implementation to deployment.

Development – Our front-end developers then implement a responsive framework and build-out the required page templates, interface elements and interactivity based on the approved design.

Testing & Revision – Once completed the solution is put through a series of testing, review and revision cycles – leveraging the results to arrive at an optimized, deployment ready solution.

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Data Analysis
User Stories
User Flows
pre planning user experience


Information Architecture
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Style Guide
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Frontend Coding
Finalize UX Deliverables
Micro Details
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Speed Test / Errors
A/B Testing
User Testing

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