Four Seasons of Fun Contest

RTO7 choose Seventyeight Digital for a third project. RTO7, using their new consumer focused brand of BruceGreySimcoe, wanted to create a contest targeting past visitors to the region by asking them for their stories, photos and vidoes captured in the region. In return BruceGreySimcoe was offering up a range of prizes and giving entrants the ability to feature the story on

A secondary goal of the project was to build anticipation about the coming consumer website, which will also be built by 78, and other RTO7 initiatives occurring later in the year.

Key outcomes included:

  • Creative Design
    • premium placed on experiential imagery
    • create "wow factor" through visual impact
    • introduce visitors to the region from a visual perspective
    • provide visitors with the ability to interact with imagery (zoom, pan, etc.)
  • Story Submission
    • visitors to submit their stories about the region through submission form
    • ability to submit text, text with an image, text with a link to YouTube video
    • ability to select location (for geo coding and mapping display)
    • ability for visitors to submit stories through the BGS Facebook page
  • Administration/Moderation Backend
    • access to moderation page provided to judging panel members through roles and permissions secure login
    • ability to flag, rate, change location coordinates, edit submission
  • Voting Gallery
    • shortlisted stories will be displayed in interactive Voting Gallery
    • stories listed in order of ranking by judging panel
    • ability for visitors to browse submissions
    • ability to vote, tweet and/or ‘like’ (Facebook) a story
  • Mapping Interface
    • show out short listed stories on map interface
  • Promotion of prizing
  • Promotion of operator special offers
  • Feature contest winners on a winners wall