Immortals Movie Mobile Web App

Alliance Films, Canada’s leading motion picture distributor, approached Seventyeight Digital to develop a gaming and contest engine in support of their film release of Immortals.

Wanting to reach a wide audience while providing a modern and unique take on the digital marketing of the film we settled on a mobile activation. The Mobile Web Application needed to provide information about Immortals in a format optimized for mobile devices and additionally support an 11 day countdown style contest where new questions, pertaining to the film, are presented each day making the players eligible for contest prizes. The application needed to be constructed in a relatively short period of time (3 weeks), be accessible on a wide variety of mobile devices, contain feature and media rich content, be true to the branding and visual aesthetic of the movie, and provide incentives to visitors for repeat views. Anticipation of lots of traffic also dictated a back-end architecture that was secure, highly available, and able to provide ample bandwidth.

Key outcomes included:

  • Efficient content management - because of the compressed nature of the deadline and large amount of content efficient processes were paramount
  • Collaborative model of document publication and work-flows
  • Fast load times for users on mobile connections while maintaining a visually rich experience following the movie’s branding
  • Perfectly formed HTML to ensure widest compliance rate among mobile devices
  • Secure - because the application held contest information measures had to be taken to ensure abuse was prevented and private information was safe
  • Ability to handle high load conditions including data reads and writes

Award Winner for Best Kentico Mobile Site of 2011

Soon after the completion of this project, we were happy to learn that the Immortals Movie Mobile Web App had won the Best Kentico Mobile Site for 2011. The win confirmed that a Mobile Proxy delivered site can excel in creating not only solutions that the client is proud of, but mobile sites that are recognized world-wide as exceptional projects.

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