Plicto is a different way of scanning through reams of images. We wanted a viewer that broke away from the standard filmstrip or tabular presentation of thumbnails and we wanted a way to show a lot of images at once and make scanning through them novel, cool and fun for the user. While the jumble presentation, one could quite easily argue, is not the most efficient way to find what you are looking for (if you have predefined criteria and “know” what you are searching for) it’s a pretty good way of finding something you may not have been looking for.

As developers of largely business applications and large websites for the past 15 years, removing properties like titles, descriptions, types, and categories from the results was refreshing... Initially Plicto was envisioned to just incorporate a scrollbar that went either down or to the right indefinitely with images scrolling into the viewport in a random fashion -we figured we'd just progressively load the next panels in depending on where the current position was in. Then we discovered the animations in jQuery and a light bulb went!