Facebook Application

Maple Pictures turned to Seventyeight when they were looking for a social media activation to promote the newest film in the SAW franchise: SAW 7 3D.

We made a video that shows it here..

We developed a promotion designed to immerse fans in the SAW environment allowing them to take part in a psychological challenge in the tradition of the movie franchise - the core concept being based on the Prisoner’s Dilemma: a classic model in game theory. Once we developed the creative concept we crafted an immersive, multi-media environment consistent with the film aesthetic. In order to maximize ROI we leveraged as a platform to attract audience, extend reach and amplify messaging.

The promotion raised awareness for the film, went viral through the Facebook integration, and generated strong brand recognition and chatter among the targeted demographic.

Our solution ties together a series of web technologies including JavaScript, Ajax, Flash, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, C# SDK, Facebook Graph API, Facebook Canvas Application with videos hosted on Amazon Cloud Front to provide the bandwidth, availability and performance required for high volume consumption.