Service Cloud Implementation

Having successfully completed the development of the Intel AIM Marketing site in Drupal CMS; Intel asked that Seventyeight provide their expertise in Salesforce's Service Cloud. describes Service Cloud best, when it states "The Service Cloud is a social customer service application, built on a SaaS model, that empowers companies to manage all customer information and service conversations in the cloud." The goal of the project was to customize and configure the Service Cloud to enable their call centre to create, track, route, escalate and solve cases in a manner that meets their quality of service agreement with their customers.

Key outcomes include:

  • Customer support case creation was automated by allowing the customer to create cases in one of three ways: phone, email and a customized web form. By customizing the case form in Service Cloud administration, we were able to make the call centre staff more efficient by guiding them through what information a technical staff member needs in order to solve a customer problem. Email routing was configured to allow for email-to-case creation, saving support staff time by eliminating the need to monitor and sift through their support email address. A web-to-case form was created, customized and added to the Intel AIM marketing site to allow the customers to submit Service Cloud cases directly from the website with the exactly the information Intel AIM Staff need to solve a customer's issues.
  • During the discovery phase of the project, Intel AIM support staff and Seventyeight Digital met to establish their customer service needs. The findings meant Seventyeight Digital were able to create complex workflow and assignment rules in Service Cloud to ensure the correct staff member or queue received the correct case by based on geographic location, area of expertise and/or priority.
  • Using Service Cloud, case escalation rules were configured to alert appropriate staff of a case falling out of the Intel AIM QoS needs as well as giving priority to their always important reseller clients.
  • Creation of a solutions database allowing for both internal staff and the customer to find a resolution in a timely fashion. Intel AIM staff can now maintain a solutions database of categorized, keyword targeted, solutions. By creating and maintaining a solutions database Intel can now use Service Cloud to provide existing solutions to their customer, making a reply to a customer as easy as choosing a solution to the issue, selecting the correct email template and emailing their customer. Customers are able to use the self-service search to find a solution to common problems before having to pick up the phone and call Intel.
  • Customized reporting created by 78Digital in Salesforce allows for Intel call centre and support staff managers to track their staff's performance through a variety of metrics provided by Intel at the project's inception.