Servitude Mobile

In support of its “Servitude” film release - a movie about how a group of frustrated waiters take their revenge - Alliance Films required the development of a “Servitude Tip Calculator” web app. This is a great example of an html5 web app given its flexible layout that works well in different platforms such as iPhones, iPads, Google Android devices (multiple resolutions) and BlackBerrys. The solution includes all sorts of optimizations to ensure it loads and functions quickly for the user.

This web app allows users to input certain data points - i.e. number of people, quality of service, check amount, etc. Based on the information input the web app automatically generates a suggested tip amount (total tip and tip per person) as well as the “Servitude Tip” based on the films storyline.

Additional features include:

  • Streaming video trailers
  • Integrated blogs
  • Poster Downloads
  • Integration with Facebook