The Hunger Games

Facebook Application

Alliance Films, Canada’s leading motion picture distributor, approached Seventyeight Digital to develop a Facebook movie ticket pre-sale application in support of their blockbuster film release of The Hunger Games.

Our talented designers exhibited their skill in creating a Facebook app that engaged the film's targeted demographic via social media. Our client was ecstatic with the final product, which proved Seventyeight can deliver an exceptional digital experience even with a turnaround time of only 2 days!

The following goals were important for the success of the activation:

  • Implement “FanGating” – ensure that the pre-sales of tickets be made available only to fans of
    Alliance Films – this re-enforces Alliance’s appreciation of it’s fans.
  • Make the purchase process as seamless to the fan as possible while keeping them within the Facebook Fanpage.
  • Provide the ability for the fan to promote (post to their Facebook wall) the fact they just purchased tickets to encourage their friends do likewise.
  • Hit timelines related to external media buys.
  • Create a visually striking design with interactive elements applicable to the demographic.

Seventyeight Digital helped coordinate among various technology vendors and agencies to ensure all the working parts were in place and the promotion would be a success. Internally the team had to nail the design and implement the front end very quickly while ensuring it worked without a hitch across the widest audience - All browsers, touch devices, and through SSL.

Considering the last minute nature of this project it ended up being a huge success! In the future we hope to formalize the technology by tightening API integration to ticket vendors so going forward Alliance can quickly and easily implement Facebook ticket sales on any movie release.