Intel Corporation


Intel Corporation, the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, engaged Seventyeight to develop an integrated web presence for Intel‘s AIM Suite – a unique, cutting-edge technology that delivers real-time audience measurement and analytics for marketers, retailers, brands and digital advertising network operators.

The scope of the engagement included a product specific marketing website and custom ecommerce transaction portal designed to manage registration of businesses, tracking of prospects and customers through the sales funnel, execution of sales transactions for B2B software license acquisitions, and facilitation of backend order fulfillment.

Critical to the success of the project was the opportunity to leverage our proprietary Universal Cloud Connector middleware – technology developed by Seventyeight Digital. This middleware served as the interface between the custom ecommerce portal we developed and Intel's various third party and proprietary enterprise business systems including:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Intel’s proprietary software license management system
  • Zuora’s SaaS subscription billing platform
  • Service Cloud – customer service platform
The middleware allowed us to:
  • Effectively connect discrete platforms.
  • Exchange data between and synchronize data across systems seamlessly.
  • Facilitate enforcement of security policies across platforms.
  • Provide for centralized data auditing.
  • Control the sequencing and routing of data between systems.
Key outcomes achieved for the client include:
  • The ability to attract new prospects and generate sales leads.
  • Centralized management of contact, account and sales information for customer businesses and associated business units.
  • Development of an online ecommerce storefront to facilitate bulk license purchases transacted by authorized customers.
  • Management of account-based specialty pricing.
  • Sharing of data across their enterprise.
  • Improved customer service via a customer self-service support portal and the implementation of complex workflow and assignment rules in Service Cloud to ensure the correct staff member or service team queue receives the correct case based on geographic location, area of expertise, priority and/or escalation rules.
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