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Ornge, the largest air ambulance and critical care land ambulance fleet in Canada, performs more than 18,000 patient transports per year and serves more than 13 million people over one million square kilometers.

Seventyeight Digital was engaged by Ornge to design and develop a responsive, visually engaging, user-friendly, interactive information and communications hub designed to effectively serve the needs of Ornge’s key audiences and stakeholders.

Key outcomes included:

  1. Centralized Development of a modern, dynamic, engaging, visually appealing design – one that complies with Ornge’s existing brand standards.
  2. Optimized UI/UX design to provide streamlined screen layouts and site navigation empowering users to easily complete key tasks.
  3. A site that is architected and constructed using Responsive Web Design (RWD) best practices in order to ensure optimized viewing for users through the device of their choosing - desktop, tablet or smart phone.
  4. Integration of third party systems (Flight Vector and QPulse) for reporting, auditing and interactive mapping purposes.
  5. Leveraging Kentico’s Marketing Suite features including A/B Testing, Email Marketing, Campaigns and Web Analytics.
  6. Migration from Ornge’s legacy CMS (SharePoint) to Kentico CMS.
  7. A fully bilingual website (French and English) that adheres to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Ornge is very socially active and civic minded organization. As such, a major requirement and feature of this site is the ability for Ornge staff to easily generate, configure and launch unique, ad hoc campaign sites on demand. We were able to a solution that more than met these needs – a solution that:

  1. Provides a templated approach to lower cost and speed implementation.
  2. Allows for modifications and customization of creative.
  3. Leverages the core technical foundation - backend DB & functionality.
  4. Integrates within Kentico CMS to facilitate content management.
  5. Provides tie-ins to multi-platform campaigns.
  6. Accommodates different types of campaigns such as:
    • Contests
    • Hashtag campaigns
    • Integrated social walls
    • Facilitation of user registration
    • Polls, surveys, quizzes
    • Donation solicitation
    • Events