Regional Tourism Organization 7


RTO7 is a consortium of government agencies, NGO’s, and private businesses whose mandate is to build and support competitive and sustainable tourism programs, tools and practices. RTO7 engaged Seventyeight as their technology partner of choice to provide ongoing strategic consulting and to architect and develop key B2B digital platforms including a Stakeholder Intranet and integrated Digital Asset Management System.

The RTO7 Stakeholder Intranet serves RTO7 employees, stakeholders and partner agencies by supporting member-based activities, augmenting communications, and disseminating information across the organizations partners.

A document repository allows businesses in the region to benefit from in-depth demographic research as well as share marketing assets. Businesses can add their own sponsored events to the RTO7 calendar, register for targeted newsletters, and maintain a dialog through RTO7’s Connection Blog. This section was built using Kentico CMS.

The integrated RT07 Digital Asset Management System complements the Intranet by providing real-time capacity to manage and distribute data, images, video, and documents.

Key features of the system include:

  • Real-time capacity to upload, store, manage and distribute large amounts of data obtained from multiple, discrete sources.
  • Powerful and intuitive search query utilities including proximity and interactive mapping functionality.
  • Complex access controls via roles and permissions.
  • Tracking, and control of data requests and allocations.
  • The ability to feed content to partner websites and web-based applications.
  • The ability to easily interface with third party software applications and business systems.