Workers Health & Safety Centre


As Ontario's premier provider of Certification training for workplace health and safety, the Workers Health & Safety Centre (WHSC) has been developing and delivering quality occupational health and safety training and consulting to companies, organizations, unions and individuals for some 30 years.

Seventyeight Digital was engaged to redesign and redevelop WHSC's website in order to better promote, sell and deliver the highest-quality Ontario Health and Safety training and resources to employers, workers and workplace representatives across all economic sectors.

Key outcomes included:

  • Improving promotion, lead generation and actual sales of WHSC training programs and materials by incorporating a user-friendly transactional process integrated with the organizations CRM.
  • More effectively serving the distinct Health and Safety (H&S) informational needs of employers, worker representatives, and workers as well as instructors and field service representatives.
  • Publishing and promoting key information and decisions as well as significant and emerging research.
  • Supporting business in the promotion of health and safety awareness events, volunteer recognition, and safety presentations to member organizations, service, trade or professional groups as well as information sessions for employers.
  • Improving the ability to post and maintain engaging site content by several contributors in a way that meets stated accessibility standards.

The website was built in Kentico CMS.

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