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Established in 1952 as an independent boutique entertainment company, The Fremantle Corporation, headquartered in Toronto Canada, has built its distinctive brand by bringing worldwide market access to independent producers of quality television content - matching the output of independent producers with the ongoing demands of the diverse worldwide multi-platform marketplace.

Seventyeight Digital was engaged to redesign and redevelop Fremantle's website and corporate branding in order to more effectively promote their brand and extensive product catalogue to the global market.

Key outcomes included:

  • Corporate Branding - Seventyeight Digital’s design team undertook a full creative process to develop a modern, dynamic, engaging, “on brand” design - one that presents The Fremantle Corporation as a progressive, exciting, diverse, international entertainment company. This included a redesign of the company logo and development of corporate branding guidelines to be incorporated across the organizations online and offline branding assets.
  • Responsive Design - The website was architected and constructed using Responsive Web Design (RWD) best practices in order to ensure optimized viewing for users through the device of their choosing - desktop, tablet or smart phone. Key responsive elements include:
    • Fluid Grid-Based Layouts: Traditional websites, when viewed on a small screen, require the user to “pinch and zoom” and scroll horizontally in order to view the content on the page. By constructing the design to a specific grid pattern each column of that grid can be made to dynamically adapt and behave differently on different devices / screen sizes.
    • Image Scaling: All images adapt/scale to the available size of the content container.
    • Navigation Adaptability: Navigation structure and usage patterns adapt to the users device type and screen size thereby optimizing usability.
  • Search Engine Optimization - Implementation of SEO best practices to increase exposure and visibility and drive qualified traffic to the site.
  • Content Management - Implementation of a flexible and intuitive web-based Content Management System (Kentico CMS). One that is scalable and extensible with the capacity to integrate third party applications and services.

The website was built in Kentico CMS.

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